Various pics from the many events at the convention

Here are random pics from the Custom Car Contest.  There was a lot of competition.  If you didn't see something in here that "floored" you, then you are NOT into Hotwheels!  Plain and simple.  This room had some of the finest works from the finest customizers that I have had the pleasure to ever meet.  I cannot remember who all won what, but I did win in my class.    So sit back and enjoy the pics.


This awesome piece was built by Bruce Shultz of Bodylines.  It was a 25th scale boxed set of the Ed Roth HW's set.  the box was built by Jimmy "The Boxman" Chavez


Customs I entered in the contest

This was my 25th Scale Redline Series Display.  I entered it in the Display/Diorama class and won 1st place, as well as Mattel's/Amy's Pick.  It is a pyramid style display built to resemble a fictitious Store Type display that would have been set up in the early 70's at your local toy store, had they actually built 25th scale cars.  It consisted of 5 cars with full on detail and replica bases. Custom Volkswagen, The Demon, Silhouette, Olds 442,and Deora.  After the Contest I was offered a SWEET trade deal for the whole thing by HWC Amy.  I was told it would be going on Display in the Peterson Automotive Museum when they do a change.  Very cool.  I am honored!


These are some of the cars I acquired in a SWEET trade deal on the table in my room.  Yes that Pontiac GTO is a prototype signed by Larry Wood.  VERY COOL!


Here are some of the pics from my 2 visits to the Peterson Automotive Museum.  I went on Wednesday and again on Sunday for the Mattel Event.  There was a nice spread of food and cars.  The 2 nearest things to a mans heart! lol

  There is lots of Mattel history in here, as well as automotive history.  I hope to see my work of art in here pretty soon.


These are just a few of the cars that were on display under the tent on Sunday.


Ice sculpture from the preview party and an award Carson Lev received. Deora II Painting by Nathan Proch


Some pics of Jerry Chewning's stuff in Jimmy's (Boxman) room.  


 Pics of the Redline Store Display made by Jimmy "the Boxman" Chavez and Bruce Shultz.  It was given to Elliot Handler after the Dinner.


This needs no introduction!!  CA Tiki party. An awesome party with lots of pics.  Great people, great drinks, and great food.  Always a pleasure!!


A good shot of the Dinner food from the Elliot Handler Dinner. The food was great.  And so was the gifts!


These are a new line of custom cars by David Chang "Kustom City".  They are called Nitro Bombs and Nitro Bomb EXT.  They come in quite a few color and design variations with a cast interior and surfboard. There are a few left, better grab them up while you can.  I picked up a Nitro Bomb EXT.  It is candy pink, yellow fading to orange graphics, and a solid roof, purple surf board.

A few pics in Dave Changs room