Orlando Magical Weekend of Cars - June 2010

I didn't bring a camera with me and only had my cell phone.  So pics are few and far between.  But here is what I was able to capture when i wasn't busy with other things.  It was held on the same week as the Transformers "BotCon" convention.  So I got some pics of that too.  I love robots so it was a great time. 

Here was the dinner event.  One fo the first ones in to take a pic of how the back half of the room was laid out.

The blurry pic was the midnight racing.  Bob Ratliff won the event and $100  he was so excited doing the racing he wouldn't hold still.

After the finale event there was a HWC-Chris parker event.  In a nice co-ordinated effort, we zip-tied Chris to the hand rails in the corner of the elevator.  And used duct-tape.  After that was done, Elmers Glue was wiped on his legs and then glitter.  Green spray on hair dye was sprayed onto his hair and beard.  The elevator was sent to the 10th floor for the awaiting crowd with about 20 cans of Silly String.  The doors opened and he got HOSED!  I got pics of the crowd and him.  Then an after pic.   Needless to say, he said revenge will be carried out.

A few pics of the Tranformers BotCon.

Various shots of the hotel and lobby