RCX Show Anaheim, CA, 2006

This show was for the most part the RCX show for upcoming and newer Radio Control stuff.  But since RCX magazine is from the same company that does DCX Diecast Magazine, it was a natural to have diecast stuff there as well.

This was the 2nd show for this with the diecast stuff and this one was a great  time.  Greg Roque had the brainchild idea to showcase customizers.  So there was a great crew.  Myself, Rick Early (Rickster), Alvaro Gonzales (Pibes), Jimmy Chavez (Boxman), Sheri Abbey (Sheris Wheels), and Jerry Chewning (Jerz Garage).  We did all kinds of things as well as displayed some of our newest or best stuff.

Also for the trip, we went to the new Chip Foose display at the Peterson Museum.  It was unbelievable.  If you are in the area, go see it.

Here are some pics from all over during the weekend.  Enjoy