Osaka Japan - Nov 2008

The show in Osaka Japan was very cool once again.  I had been here before so getting around the city was no problem.  But it is a HUGE city.  I tried to take pics of a lot of different things.  But I will focus on the show first and foremost.  Various pics around the city and places of interest will be at the bottom for those that only want to see the show pics.  Enjoy.


Various pics from the show. 


Signing autographs with Jun Imai.  He was very cool to meet.


Shots of the Customs Contest.



A few shots from the Dinner event and the charity auction.  The food was very good, and meeting the people was even better.  Had a great time.


A few random shots around the hotel, and out of our hotel room window.  We were on the 14th floor.  The hotel was very nice.  Also got a funny sho of me giving George a gift for Christmas.


Sunday night Dinner at a local eatery. 1 gallon of Calpis will put a hurting on you.. trust me!  lol   


Kazi's Sat night party.  Paper, Rock, Scissors, battle for cars.  It was a great time.


Various shots around Osaka.  Cars stacked, Yodobashi Camera, Japanese KFC, a ferris wheel atop the HEP Entertainment shopping center, etc.


Monday we took a train to the Kyoto Train Station and saw the Kyoto Tower Hotel.  It looks very nice at night.  They were also putting up a Christmas tree and decorations inside the station.  We also visited a gold temple.


White Pepsi.  Believe it or not, this stuff was good!


As a collector of Japanaese robots, you didn't think I could leave with empty luggage did you?   The 2 boxes and large suitcase is full of Japanese toys.  Then a few shots of Japan from the air.  The nighttime one is when we left Osaka for San Francisco on Tuesday night.