Nov 11th, 2006


Whats new?  Las Vegas SuperConvention coming up fast.  A few things to sneak peek until I get a full update.  Enjoy.




Nov 11th, 2006

Happy Halloween

A quick pic of my Mad Max / Road Warrior Store Display set from the LA Convention

1st Place Diorama - LA Hot Wheels Customs Contest


Nov 11th, 2006

Halloween Glow Panel


Nov 11th, 2006

A few customs from one of my favorite car movies.  More to come on this one.  Click the pic to see more goodies.


Nov 11th, 2006

Updated event pics, Star Wars Celebration V convention (not diecast, but very cool) and Chicago Comic-Con.  Also have many pics of 64th scale customs to update.  Here are some teasers until I get them loaded up.

"Cherry Bomb" Replica grenade VW Bus

Kosmic-Fink- Glow Bus

Canada Convoy

BombShell Buses

Redline Lunch Box

Vintage Coke Bus

Star Wars - Boba Fett VW Bus on SW vintage style figure card

Star Wars - Darth Vader VW Bus

Orlando Magical Weekend of Cars - Phil Set 1 of 2

Moon Eyes Customs

Full Custom Dreamliner - See more pics HERE



Nov 11th, 2006

"Your papers are not in order!" 

Straight out of a spy movie.  New custom Vw Bus.. "Propaganda"



Nov 11th, 2006

Gearing up for my Night Stalker Custom Tour in Japan.  Going to Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, and Kashiba.  That will be a great time.   After that, Orlando Fl.  It looks to be a nice kick off for the summer. 

Japan Custom Tour - Osaka Bus

Foose VW Bus set.  Press the button in the middle and it plays the "Overhaulin" Gasoline theme.

Disney Pixar Cars - Don "the Snake" Prudhomme Set.

"Moon" Matchbox Hauler with matching VW Drag Bus.

PPG Spectraflame Paint VW Drag Bus



Nov 11th, 2006

Still trying to get over this cold weather and looking towards summer.  The new year seems to be turning out pretty good.  I am finally getting the customs page updated and the Las Vegas Superconvention pics will be updated in the events section.

A new set of cars with one of my favorite themes.


Nov 11th, 2006

Brand new and doing very well from my new company Alien Projects is the Dreamliner.  A new 64th scale hauler being offered in a limited numbers and factory made.  The first opnline version is limited to 300 pieces.  And going strong.  we got a lot more planned.  Stop by Alien projects and check it out.  maybe pick one up for your collection.


Nov 11th, 2006

Vegas was a blast.  We launched the new Dreamliner, entered some trophies, had a great time, what's not to like?  Gonna be posting some pics up in the events section really soon.

Shelby Terlingua Racing Bus 1 of 25 - In the shop now.



Nov 11th, 2006

With Jan almost over we are full speed into the new year.  Lots of great stuff coming up from all the die-cast companies, including mine. :)  I got a chance to work on some cool one-off custom projects that I always wanted to do.  Some of these can be found on Ebay, or will be soon.

Mobile Suit Gundam 2-Bus set

Foose Overhaulin theme Bus.  One rusted, one "overhauled"  The small button plays the Overhaulin theme. 1 of 1


PPG Spectraflame painted Rocket Oils. Each one is 1 of 1.  Only one per color of each color paint made.

The latest Drag Bus.. INSANITY!



Nov 11th, 2006

Merry Christmas to all.

 I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season.


Nov 11th, 2006

Well December has finally rolled around and I am finally getting to another update.  This fall schedule was brutal on me.  It seemed like the shows ran almost into each other.  Hotlanta, Summer Smash 2, Los Angeles, Osaka Japan, and Mexico City.  Some of the shows I didn't get many pics at all, others I did.  I will have updates in the events sections for that.

Got some nice pics of the new Dreamliner hauler casting over at the Alien Projects site as well as a nice give-away promotion going on for the holidays and beyond.  You might want to check that one out.

The Mexico show was awesome.  One of my favorite pieces was the limited Phil Riehlman 2 car VW Bus set.

Japan show was equally as impressive as well with the Larry Wood commemorative Retro design VW Drag Bus.

That's all for now.  I got to load up some pics of the past events.



Nov 11th, 2006

Back from Rhode Island.  I will have the pics loaded up in the events section very soon.  I also have some of the "Night Angel" Summer Smash2 VW Buses in the For Sale section.  Grab one for yourself if you like.

Night Angel - Summer Smash 2


Nov 11th, 2006

Just back from the Yokohama Japan HotWheels Custom Car Show.  It was very cool.  As always met with some old friends, met some new people, toured the sites, and had a blast.  You can check out all the pics by going here...  Japan Pics

Giant 1:1 scale Gundam.  UNREAL!



Nov 11th, 2006

Finally starting to get Alien Projects off the ground.  If you haven't been there to check that out, there is a sneak peek of the resin proto-type sample to see one of my new castings coming out.  We plan to have it ready in LA to debut.   I along with some partners formed a new company and will be offering a custom casting that I designed.  More info to be coming soon.  Below is a pic.


The Hall of Fame sale will be coming up really fast.  Pics in the For Sale section.  I hope you dig it.


Finally got the RUST "how to" up in the Gallery. If you went to Hotlanta, I did the seminar on how to do the rust.  If you weren't able to attend, you can check out how to do it for yourself.


That's it for this time around.  But jump on that email list up top, to see what's coming up REAL soon.  Some great stuff and you don't want to miss out!

 Chris W   "NS"


Nov 11th, 2006

Been a little while since I was able to update this.  Pics from the Reston VA Nationals are up in the events section.  As well as pics from the Las Vegas Superconvention.  the Atlanta Ultimate Collectors Experience is coming up next week, so hopefully I will see some of you guys there.  here is their website.

VW Drag Bus for the NightStalker Experience in Atlanta GA.

Atlanta Boneshaker


Monster Factory 2009



Nov 11th, 2006


Back from the Las Vegas show.  You can see a few pics in the events section above.  It was a lot of fun. 


Nov 11th, 2006

Off to the Las Vegas Show in the morning.  Watch for the Events section to see pics when I get back on the 22nd.  For a sneak peek at my custom contest entry, check out Razor-Back.



That's it for this time around.  But jump on that email list up top, to see what's coming up REAL soon.  Some great stuff and you don't want to miss out!

 Chris W   "NS"



Nov 11th, 2006

We are a little over a month away from the Die-cast Super-Convention to be held in Las Vegas at Circus Circus.   If you haven't heard about it or purchased your ticket, you might want to check it out.  You can get all the info you need at  They will have celebrity guests, lots of action, and a variety of die-cast companies on board for this.  There will also be a celebration going on.  They will be holding the first ever Die-cast Hall of Fame.  I will be inducted that night and I am looking forward to standing tall with all those great people who made their mark.  It's truly an honor.

This will of course be another stop on the Night Stalkers - Tour of Kustom Kraziness.  I will be there signing special limited prints just for the show.  Stop on by and say hi, talk shop, or check out some of my new stuff.  I will have my new World Tour T-shirts, some stickers, and a new limited offering that is sure to knock your socks off.  So come on out and check it out. 

Last stop on the World Tour will be Reston VA.  Over the course of 1 year, I traveled all over the world and back, met a ton of great people, partied it up, ate strange food, and had a blast.  All good things must come to an end.  Only 2 more stops and I hope the fun doesn't stop.  Some come on out and let's celebrate and have a blast.  Hope to see you all there.

Chris Walker ~NS



Nov 11th, 2006

Here's a little something to kick off the new year a bit.  More updates coming real soon.


Nov 11th, 2006

I am back from the Osaka Japan show.  Got a few pics from the show in the events section.  Lots of custom car pics.  Still worn out from jetlag, but that is normal.  got more projects in the works, and a few nice things for the Las Vegas Diecast SuperShow.  I am excited about that, but it is a little bit away yet. Enjoy some Japan pics. :)

My Custom Contest entry

Sales display


Nov 11th, 2006

The LA, HotWheels Convention is a few weeks past now. For those that went to the show, you may have seen the Sledsters in Big Lou's room.  These are designed by Luis Tanahara of Tanahara Design.  You can get more info about this new casting at  Big Lou chose a few customs folks to add their touches to this casting. Sheri from "Sheri-Wheels", Jay Holt "Execution Kustoms", and myself.  Below is a few shots of mine.  Pics borrowed from SDTony.  Click on the pic to see more.

Custom Sledster

Be sure to check out the events section above for pics from the LA show. Some you might like, others maybe not.  But hey, we all take something different from each show or event we go to.  It was of course another stop on the Night Stalker World Tour.  Still have a few more stops and a ton of airline miles.  But through it all, I have yet to eat one bag of stale peanuts!  lol


The LA World Tour Bus



Nov 11th, 2006

LA Convention is coming up in a matter of days.  With that is the Custom Bash.  Check the For Sale section for details.

After the show, pics will be up in the Events section. 


Nov 11th, 2006

The LA World Tour Bus .



Nov 11th, 2006

The Mexico City show has come & gone.   wasn't able to get as many pics as I had hoped.  But Connie Basham was also in attendance and took some great pics.  It was  agreat show, and after the love the folks down there showed, I just might have to go back to the second one.  In the events section is a small write-up with a few pics. 

Custom Lunchbox I built for the charity and for the contest.

Sample of the print I signed.

No time to rest now.  The L.A. show is in about 2 weeks.  So here comes more airline miles.  lol

See you all very soon! ~NS


Nov 11th, 2006

This weekend is the 1st Annual Mexico Collectors Exhibition. Sept 7-8.

I will be down there showing some new stuff, signing some limited prints, and just plain having a great time.  Just another wild fun filled stop on the World Tour this year.  Speaking of that, here is a pic of the new Mexico World Tour Bus.

And of course, as promised, a few sneak peaks of some of the Mexico Show cars.

That's it for now.  I will have some show pics posted up in the Events section above.  See you then!  I got a plane to catch in 12 hrs.

Chris W, ~NS


Nov 11th, 2006

Rhode Island show is coming up fast.  Another stop on the NS World Tour.  Got a few things I will be bringing to that show.  The 1st Annual Mexico Hot Wheels Show is coming up in Sept.  I will be doing some stuff for that show as well as signing a special print.  other than that just trying to keep my head above water with so much going on during the summer. 

Tonight is the big sale for the Rhode Island World Tour VW Drag Buses.  Limited to 20 with spectraflame HotWheels paint and Real Rider Chassis.  Click the For Sale link above to get more info!

Rhode Island World Tour VW Drag Bus



Nov 11th, 2006


Click the sale link to find out more info.

Retro under warm water.

Futuro under warm water.


Nov 11th, 2006

I managed to get some time to update the Gallery.  Click the link above to see all new updated pics of almost everything.  If it says NEW, then you know you are in the right place.  Rhode Island show is coming up fast.  I gotta get some stuff together and get ready for that.  Until then, here is a little something different for you custom crazys out there.  Not die-cast, but still custom.  A Star Wars Death Star play-set I built for my 2 boys for their Star Wars figures.  They love it.  If you want to see more, pics are in the gallery under - Various Custom Projects.

Death Star

be sure to jump on that email list to find out what's coming up REAL SOON!  You won't want to miss this one.   Adios!  ~NS


Nov 11th, 2006

Osaka Japan event has come and gone, and I still miss it.  It was incredible.  The people, the food, the sites, and the toys. I met a ton of new friends and saw some older ones.  And of course I found a store that sold robot toys, so I was in heaven.   Hung out a little bit with Lisa Matwijiw and Wayne Scott, and had a great time all around.  If you get the chance, GO!

My new best friend.  Gundam RX-78 - 3.5 ft tall. (If I could have jammed him into my suitcase I would have. lol)

I posted a bunch of pics from the trip and the show in the events section above.  Check them out if you get time.  There are some sight-seeing pics in there too so hopefully you won't get bored if that's not your thing.

So what's next on the World Tour??  Well here is where I will be next...

  • Rhode Island, "Hot Wheels Summer Smash" Aug 22-24th 2008

  • Mexico City, Mexico Hot Wheels Collectors Exhibition Sept 6-7th 2008

  • Los Angeles, CA "Hot Wheels Convention" Oct 2008

  • Tokyo, Japan "Hot Wheels Custom Car Show" Nov 2008

  • Milwaukee, WI.  Dec 2008

So I will be busy for a little while.  Got some new exciting stuff coming up that I think you might like.  Something not done yet with custom die-cast, but we will see.  Hop on that email list link above to be the first to see what's happening, and be a part of it.  Until next time, take care all!  ~Night Stalker




Nov 11th, 2006

One more quick update before I leave for Japan Thursday morning.  Gotta a sneak peak of the Camaro Spinner car.  Hope you like it.  Tonight the World Tour Osaka Buses go on sale.  Click the For Sale link to check out more info on that.  I will have some pics when I get back.  See ya then!!  ~NS


Nov 11th, 2006

Osaka Japan show just days away. A few sneaks for you.  More coming in the next few days.

 Night Stalker World Tour 2008 - Osaka Japan


 Sneak peak of the Spinner Winner Bus


Nov 11th, 2006

Chicago Nationals pics are up in the EVENTS section.  

Back from the Chicago Nationals and had a blast.  Threw a nice party, had a killer hotel room, met a ton of new friends, won First Place in Diorama, and made HWTattoo (Danny) blush.  It couldn't have been better any way you slice it. I had a few things on display to include my new skateboards and a couple production things.  It was a great time overall, but I cannot rest now.  I have to leave in about 3 weeks to go to Osaka, Japan for the Hotwheels Custom Car Show.  Click the link to read more about it all.  There are some great cars for this one.

Pic of my 1st place win in Diorama

My Room Display

More info coming soon about how to get your World Tour Osaka Japan car!

Chris Walker ~ "Night Stalker"




Nov 11th, 2006

Night Stalkers World Tour 2008

It's on at the Hotwheels 40th Anniv. Chicago Nationals.  1st stop on my trek around the world for silliness and debauchery. lol  We are going to Chicago, Japan, California, and might even wrap it all up in Japan again. Below is the first look of the Chicago NS Tour car.  Hope you like it.    Stop by the room and see what we got going on!  See ya there!  ~NS

Chromed bodys, Hotwheels PPG Spectraflame blue paint, real rubber tires front and back, in an acrylic case.



Nov 11th, 2006

Custom Bash 6 coming up at the Chicago Nationals.  You can get your online version of the Custom Bash package - car, pass & limited mug right here, on sale, TONIGHT!  Click the for sale link above for details.

Nov 11th, 2006

Nationals is coming up fast and the Custom bash is in full swing.  Check out the For Sale section above to see the new ONLINE Bash car with limited exclusive Tiki Shot Mug.

Been a busy year, which made the personal creations slow down.  I did manage to get involved ina  lot of things.  Most of which will get disclosed in time.  In the meantime, here are some pics of another project I am involved with.  URBAN Skateboards.  Below are 3 models I did the graphics for.  The Tiki style is my sons.  Enjoy.


Nov 11th, 2006

Already Feb in the new year and I have been taking it easy all winter.  As many of you know I am an Ed "Big Daddy" Roth / Rat Fink nut.  In my quest to get all of his cars in kit form, I discovered that many are not made at all.  So you know me, I made them.  Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.  First one up is his Orbitron and then his Globehopper.  Not exactly Hotwheels or diecast related.  But VERY influential in the customs world if you like all things custom culture.  Or is that Kustom Kulture?   You feel me I think.




That's it for this time around.  But jump on that email list up top, to see what's coming up REAL soon.  Some great stuff and you don't want to miss out!

 Chris W   "NS"




Nov 11th, 2006


Back from the California Convention and had a blast.  Brought a large scale display along.  nothing too wild, just something cool and simple.  Kind of a faux model kits display of new Hot Wheels Roth-style kits to come.  Called Monster Madness.  They are both 1/25th scale complete with custom boxes.  Pic below, and more pics coming soon to the gallery..

Monster Madness


Also a little something extra I brought along for those custom hounds who love it all.  A "FINKSTER" Dairy Delivery limited to only 10 as a convention exclusive.   Soon to come and online version in hotpink over-chrome.  Keep your eyes peeled on that email list to find out how to get one of your own.

"FINKSTER" Garden Grove 2007




Nov 11th, 2006

I am getting ready to head out to the Garden Grove, CA - Hotwheels Convention in about 5 days.  Hope to see you guys there.  Stop by and get a pass to the party.  And speaking of that, don't forget to get your ONLINE party car limited to 50, in the For Sale link above.  Sale starts Thursday, Sept 27th.

Atomic Series with 1 of 10 chase car

Glow in the Dark


Nov 11th, 2006

Atomic 2007 -  Tritium & Radium

Jump on that email list to find out how in the next 3 days! 



Nov 11th, 2006

It finally stopped raining around here long enough to get some work done.  Started working on the Custom Bash cars for Bash 5.  You think I am gonna show them here?  Nope.  Not yet.  Soon enough my little custom fiends.   Still putting the final touches on a few things yet.  Here's a little trivia for your Hotwheels collectors.  Anyone know what this is? 


My newest - 25th scale Dairy Delivery




Nov 11th, 2006

Busy week this week.  Spent the weekend in Minnesota for work and fun.  While there I went by a guys house house who has some great goodies. Mark Moriarity who restored Ed Roths Rotar and Road Agent, has an Outlaw and the Cpt. Pepis (Megacycle), among all his other Roth and other 60's showcar goodies.  He bought the Tiger Shark better known to us Hotwheels collectors as the Python, and is restoring it back ot the original version it started life as. the Car Craft "Dream Rod".  Below are a few pics as well as my 6yr old son sitting in the Outlaw, that rests in his living room!.  Not many can say they did that.


Nov 11th, 2006

Hey folks,  It's been a busy summer for sure.  Managed to get a couple of things finished.  One of them was this WW2 themed Bomber style bus titled "Lil Darling".  It has a replica plane piece with the "Nose Art" inside.  It was a fun one to build.

"Lil Darling"


Of course with my love of Gatorade, I had a few of the empty powder containers left.  They are pretty cool as a miniature version of their cooler they sell.  You know me, I just had to do SOMETHING with them.  So I made a Gatorade themed Bus titled "Gotta-Race" painted Kandy Orange.  Well I got so many emails on these that I had to make a few more to represent other flavors in kandy over chrome colors.  Only one of each color, and that's it!  Here are 4 new flavors.  "Arctic Frost" kandy ice blue, "Fruit Punch" kandy magenta, "Lemon-Lime" antifreeze, and of course "Pink Lemonade" kandy hot pink.  Enjoy!


Pic thanks to Connie Basham ~



Nov 11th, 2006

Well, the Dearborn Nationals are over and I missed them.  Had too much going on and it gives me time to plan for the October Convention.  But that also meant there wasn't a Custom Bash party either. Sorry to those that looked for that.   I did manage to be involved in a small way at the Nationals, so that was pretty cool.  Here is the Poker event VW Drag Bus I made hosted and put on by Neil Rambaldi.  They were limited to 15 Buses.

  Another event that just wrapped up was the DCX Die-cast Event.  I made some cars for this as well.  Limited to 20 VW Drag Buses with marbelized pink paint.


 You can see more of these by clicking on the pics.

In other news, I have been putting the finishing touches on a few single customs that grabbed my imagination and really interested me.  Hopefully will have some pics and info on those as well.  

Another thing to note is my email will be changing.  It is now

  Until then, try to remember that water doesn't help your urethane clearcoat flow any smoother from the airbrush! 



Nov 11th, 2006

One of my latest.  A custom Dave Chang EVO done up my way.   New paint, all new chassis details and extras.

 You can see more NS-EVO details and pics HERE!      This one is on auction now.  Ebay Link!

In other news, the DCX Event is coming up fast.  It was a blast last year but unfortunately my schedule will not allow me to make it this year. I am involved in it in a small way but I will post info on that in the coming weeks.  They have some great stuff lined up as well as a few new guys in the Custom Alley lined up to show their skills thanks to Greg Roque.  There will also be some custom cars for sale as well as some great event cars in package type show deals.  You can get more info on these and other show stuff at the Diehard-Diecast website here...

Until then, have fun!!!


Nov 11th, 2006

Been a hectic month so far and the weather hasn't been helping much at all.  But that is to be expected living in WI.  I managed to get a couple of things done and they will be posted soon.  With the DCX event coming, you know there will be something good for that, as well as a few other things in mind.

Here is the first 25th Redline of the year.  S'cool Bus.  More stuff coming very soon.




Nov 11th, 2006

It's a brand new year.  Actually almost 3 weeks into it but hey,.. I am a little slow.  Been very busy too.  Got most of everything updated to a new server and a new main site.  Hopefully nothing was lost in the transfer. I had to redo a  lot of stuff.    So bookmark your computer for the newsite here.


Just a little pic of one of my favorite 25th scale cars to get you by.  I will have something special in the next few weeks.  :)     So stay tuned.  Until then sit tight and I will get all the bugs worked out with the new site.  Enjoy.

And Happy New year folks!!!


Nov 11th, 2006

Happy Holidays everyone!

Nov 11th, 2006

Well my Holiday Haulers are finished.  How do you get one you say?  Well jump on that mailing list on the left, to find out how.  But you gotta hurry, because they won't last and there is NOT a lot of them.

NS Customs 2006 - Holiday Hauler

And another quick peak at that Christmas VW Drag Bus being offered by Rogue Dzines. Packaging Pic.  These aren't 2 different buses, they are one bus with candy red on one side and candy green on the other.  See more details below.  These things look fantabulous!

Talk to you soon. - Chris Walker "NS"



Nov 23rd, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I plan on eating WAY too much today. And then taking a nap the rest of the day.  haha  Just like usual you might say.  I gotta say I am excited to be a part of a new project.   See pics.

These are a limited offering coming from my buddy Chris Haupt "Rogue Dzines"  If you aren't sure who he is, he is the one who prints my graphics, as well as does the graphics for many other custom guys.  Myself, V-man, Rickster, Boxman - Jimmy Chavez, etc.  He also helps with the Custom Bash and cars for West Coast Customs.  You may have met him at the conventions.  He decided in the spirit of the Holiday to get out of the shadows and offer something of his own.  I think they look nice so I thought I would let you guys know about it.  He asked me to help him out, and with all the help he gives me, how could I say no?

So I agree to paint them for him, and figured as a little something extra and a gift to all who pick one up, I will make another Holiday themed car to throw in as a little Thank You for your support.  I am still working on that so no pics of that yet.  If you are interested in this, get on my email list and I will let you all know how to get yourself one through his link.  It will be a once a year thing for him to do something like this and I think they turned out great.   They are painted pearl frosty white, with candy red pearl on one side and candy green pearl on the other. Holiday themed graphics on the sides and top with gold foil.

That's all for now.  I have to go psych myself up to be able to spend the day today with In-Laws. lol...   j/k  :)

Take care all, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! - Chris Walker "NS"


Nov 11th, 2006

What's up folks?   I finally got around to updating my gallery.  So if you get time, go check it out.  Might find something that you enjoy or that might inspire you.  Or maybe just kill some time.  

I added an email list button to the left under the task bar.  Makes it easier to spot.  For those who may have signed up in the past, and haven't been getting any updates.  Please sign up again.  I have about 20 emails that come back undeliverable for one reason or another.  Maybe a typo in the email?  We wouldn't want you to miss out on anything, so you might have to rejoin.

NS Fuels Rocket Oil - Anaheim Convention 2006

  For new things on the workbench, well, been busy.  But I will finally get back to work on my 25th scale Dairy. Been wanting to finish that up for about 8 months maybe.  Had so much other stuff going on and other custom ideas in my mind, it gets pushed back.

As far as new custom ideas, I did manage to pick up a 64th Shelby Eleanor.  This thing is getting the full treatment.   I see they are starting to hit the shelves at all the K-marts now, so if you have one in your area, check them out.  If not, post on some boards and I am sure there are some folks who will be glad to help you get what you need.

That's it for now, got lots of work to do coming up.  Check out the new gallery pics and enjoy yourself.  See you guys next time.

- Chris "NS"


Oct 22nd, 2006

Finally back in town.  I stayed out in SoCal until Tuesday 17th.  I always stay a few extra days to visit and take in the sites.   The convention was a blast for sure.  Met a lot of great people. For all the pics, see the events section to the left.  One person I finally got the pleasure of meeting was Chojiro from Japan.  This was his first trip over here and his work is top notch.  Between the both of us we brought home 7 trophies.  He got 4 and I got 3, so here is my revenge face.  Next year I will be heading to his country and competing with him and the other guys there.  Should be a good time.

One of the contest pieces I did was "The Bomb"  It was a grenade style display with a full custom VW Drag Bus complete with 21 windows and a vintage style WW2 paint scheme.  It was a very popular piece.  More pics can be seen in the events section to the left.


Out of all the highlights of the trip, one of the biggest was the Peterson Automotive Museum.  I got to see my work there with some of the other great stuff.  A really good feeling.

I got a few of my custom pieces I brought out to Anaheim listed on Ebay now.  Click Here to see them.  There might be something that grabs you.

Also, if you want to see what's new and be the first to get in on the limited stuff I offer for sale, join the email list to find out what's going on.  If you already joined and aren't getting any notices, I have been noticing a few emails coming back as undeliverable.  Maybe sign up again in case of a mistake in the original post.  I wouldn't want anyone to miss out.

Now it is time out settle down, and get busy on a few more things.  I got some great ideas, and some new stuff to try out.  It looks like it will be a fun ride and I hope you guys enjoy it all.  Until then, try to remember that the pearl powder you bought for customs does not make a good spice for baked chicken!  Later guys....

Chris Walker "NS"


Oct 8th, 2006

Convention time, 2 days away.  I will be in Garden Grove from Tues 10, - Tuesday 17th.   And of course upholding tradition, we will be having the ever popular, Custom Bash.  If you are going, be sure to stop by the room to get yourself a pass. (as long as they last).   Along with that tradition, we will also have a limited Custom Bash online version of the car in limited numbers and only available right here!  Click here or click on the pic for details to get yours...  BASH CAR.

There is only 10 left so don't wait!!!

Custom Bash - Online Car E-sheet

In other things, I am bringing a few customs along.  I have a limited number of Rat Rod rods. "Bad Attitude" so stop by and check those out. And have another 25th scale Drag Bus with me.  Not the 18th that Mattel made, this one is my creation.  And finally, if you haven't seen the new 64th scale Shelby stuff, stop by the room.  I will have some samples and Protos for your viewing pleasure.   Other than, check out the Events section for convention coverage as I get to it.   So you guys when I get back!

Oct 4th, 2006

The time is almost up.  Convention time is just a week away for some folks. Who's ready?    As usual I'm not.  But that's ok, who ever is.  We just take it as it goes.  Still stuck in limbo doing the same thing until after the convention.  Then I got some new stuff on the horizon we can get to.

Atomic VW Bus - Limited to only 10

Spectra-flame hot-pink over chrome with real riders.   These went fast, straight to the folks on the email list.  I enjoyed making something along this line.  I am also a Redline collector, and one of the more popular colors is hot pink.  Sometimes described as glowing or nuclear.  So it was only natural.  I always wanted to do a bus like this, and this was it.   They lasted only a short time.  The design was so popular I got a ton of email requests to do another like it.  So, I am always up for doing what the people like, so I offered a VW Drag Truck with the same theme. 

Atomic series - VW Drag Truck.

Following the same theme with the hot pink.   I enjoyed doing these so much,  I may do more in this type theme.

I other things, Here is something WAY different that is not normally up my alley.  But it was for someone special.  I got it finished and liked the look of it so much, I figured I would take a few pics.  Call me cheezy, but I kinda liked it.

Brats VW Drag Bus


In other things, over the course of the next 2 days, I will be adding a few more pics to the gallery of past customs.  Also, I will have convention coverage in the events section when I get back for those that cannot make it out there.  I plan to take more pics this time around.

And finally, if you aren't on the email list, you might be missing out on offers or limited things.  So get on that and get the first word on what's going on.  Read below to find out how to do that.

Until then, if you want to have fun with lacquer and make silly string, don't add any reducer to it before spraying.  Tally-ho! 

 - Chris Walker "NS Customs"


Sept 13, 2006

So what's new out there in customs land?  Word on the streets Jason Wheeler "BlueJayEh" got a sweet job building 1:1 Hot Rods.   What a job, what a passion.  Congrats Bro!   I know that was one thing he loved to do, and he sure could build the little ones too.  If you haven't seen Jason's work, you gotta get over to his site.

In other things, I got with Joe Falco from "Joe's Diecast Shack" and made a limited run of 50 Joe's Drag Trucks.  Some of of the money will go to Joe's site.  Click on the pic below for more details on that, and info on how to get your own.  Info is posted here and Joes site as well.  So you can bet they will go quick.  If you are thinking about it, don't wait.  Trust me, they won't last long.

Joe's Drag Truck - Click pic for info how to get yours.  Visit

Finally, I had planned on doing a 25th scale Dairy Delivery.  I almost scrapped that plan, but got some great positive reviews and comments on that.  So looks like that plan will go ahead.

Also, from time to time I do some things just for the email folks.  So if you aren't on that list, you might be missing out.  Click below to get on that and get the info right away.

And to wrap up things, keep your eyes peeled any day now for the Shelby 64th scale line.  It should start showing up any time in the next week or so.  These things won't last long either.  Opening doors, hoods, rubber tires, etc.  Awesome.  You can get some final production pics here.

Until next time, let's keep those paint cans away form the dog.  Regardless of how fast he is, he won't look better with racing stripes.



July 27th, 2006

Shelby Buses, are now SOLD OUT!  If you didn't get one, and you were waiting for the sale, you gotta get on that email list below.  They sold out in about 12 hrs.   So if you got yours, they will be shipping in 2 weeks.

In other exciting news, Shelby Die-cast has just released pics of their new upcoming 1/64th scale line.  Click on the Mustang pic below to get all the details about this.

If you like Mustangs or muscle cars, you won't want to miss these.  Trust me!  Until next time, Hasta-Lasagne!  ~NS


July 26th, 2006

So what's new?, it finally happened.  The deal was struck, the authorization granted, the OK was handed down.  Here it is folks.  And I am darned excited about it too.

For better pics and details, click on the "For Sale" section on the left.   These are the Shelby VW Drag Buses "Performance" (blue) & "Trackside" (white).  Limited to 35 pieces and set to go on sale VERY soon.  And as always, if you are on the email list, you get first chance at them.  You can sign up at the bottom of the page.


July 17th, 2006

Well the new "IMAGE" VW Drag Trucks were more popular than I ever expected.   They are already sold out before the sale started to the general public.  So if you missed out, sorry about that.  You gotta get on the email list to get the info on when the new stuff is gonna hit and get the chance to get it early.   To join the list and find out the news, scroll to the bottom of the page.   If you are on the email list, you will find out what's new about some events coming up that some of us customizers are going to be taking part in, or the new castings being offered.  You will have the chance to get them a day earlier in most cases. 

If you missed out today, I got more great stuff in store.  Something big if all goes as planned.  Stay tuned!

July 17th, 2006

Can it get any hotter?  I don't think so. I know, we are all in the same boat.  But it doesn't make me feel any better about it.  With that sizzlin' heat out there, I thought it was about time to bring something new out.  At the DCX show I made 2 Supervans with Night Stalker logos on the old FC graphics.  I got a lot of emails about those and some requests to make some more.   I thought it might be a good idea to make them with one of our favorite castings, the VW Drag Truck.  I thought it fits pretty good, and it was about time to do it again.  So here we go. 

This will go on sale on Tuesday, July 18th.  You can get more info by clicking on the "For Sale" link to the left.

Other new things coming up are the Custom Bash party in Anaheim in Oct..  We missed Atlanta, so we gotta do this next one big.  So we are gearing up for that.  If you haven't been to the Bash yet,.. shoot me an email.   We would love to have you come out and enjoy yourself.  Unitl then, not much new except trying to deal wiht the heat and working on new stuff that cannot be released just yet.  Gotta nail down the final P's & Q's for this next one.  Its a doozie!   Enjoy, and get outta the heat!


June 15, 2006

Well, been a slow month, taking time off and working on a few private projects.  Getting ready to get geared up for the Oct Convention in Anaheim.  While going through my customs and displays, I noticed a few extra things I had that I had forgotten about.  So let's just call this a "Lost Treasures Sale" lol  Here are a few pics of what I have and listed on Ebay if you are interested.  Click on the pics to take you to the Ebay Auctions.

This was a Custom Spawn Bus I made, 1 of 2. Click pic for better pics & info.

This was a Christmas Bus I made for the HWC contest.  Click pics for better pics and info.

Also a final thing I never posted on here that was pretty exciting.  Elliot Handler, father of Hotwheels and Mattel, turned 90.  Mattel threw a party for him.  The whole story with pics can be found on the Hotwheels website HERE...  

At the party, Mattel had various displays set up and a couple of my cars were in the displays.  You can see the pic at the link above, but here is a pic pointing out which ones I built.

Very cool I think.  So with that, I will say keep the Dremmels fired up and the paint spraying straight.    I am out of here! 


June 4, 2006

Nothing much happening at the moment.  Just putting last minute details on customs for the October show. 

The RCX show was a blast.  Had some great stuff to offer form many different diecast companies.  Finally got my pics finished.  You can see them in the Events section to the left, or click here.. RCX SHOW

Got some new stuff I am planning in the next month or so.  But that's it for now.  Until then, enjoy the pics, and keep them Dremels cuttin'!!


May 3, 2006

With RCX just about 48 hrs away, the excitement is building.   From the press it looks to be a great turnout.   I will be sure to take plenty of pics and have them in the event section of the site.

I will have a number of the JL Karmann Ghia sets there that I designed for Charity Wheels, if you want to pick one of those up at the show.

Also, here is a sneak of the RCX VW Bus pair that was made for the show.  Let me know what you guys think.

That's all for now.  If you are in the area, don't miss it.


April 29, 2006

Also at the RCX show, I will have a few of my newest creations.  A 25th scale VW Drag Bus.  Full chassis detail just like it's counterpart.

If you are going to be anywhere in the area of the RCX show mAy 6-7th, I suggest you stop by and check it out.  It looks like it will be a blast.  And while you are there, stop by and say high.  I would love to see you. For more info on this, click the banner below.


To subscribe and get the info on when things become available and whats happening before anyone else, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see what you need.


DieCast-X RCX Show

I will be in Anaheim CA, May 6-7th 2006 for the RCX/DCX Die-cast Show.  You can click on the banner below for info for that.  They made a "bio" page for all the customizers showing for that.  Greg Roque is heading that up.  Hell of a guy, and is really passionate about not only the die-cast stuff, but really into the custom things.  I thank him for the involvement he is doing to really push customs more into the mainstream.  To check out the "Bio" page with all of the customizers attending, click here... RCX/DCX Customizers


March 17, 2006

An all new VW Bus.  Voodoo & Concept.  Series 1- 2006   No longer available. 


March 13, 2006

Email list seems to be a good thing.  Got a lot of people jumping to the top and subscribing to that.  To subscribe and get the info on when things become available and whats happening before anyone else, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see what you need.

DieCast-X RCX Show

I will be in Anaheim CA, May 6-7th 2006 for the RCX/DCX Die-cast Show.  You can click on the banner below for info for that.  They made a "bio" page for all the customizers showing for that.  Greg Roque is heading that up.  Hell of a guy, and is really passionate about not only the die-cast stuff, but really into the custom things.  I thank him for the involvement he is doing to really push customs more into the mainstream.  To check out the "Bio" page with all of the customizers attending, click here... RCX/DCX Customizers


The new 25th scale Dairy Delivery bodies are finished.  I still have the chassis to finish up and will have those soon.  Also I will be unveiling something at Anaheim that I hope will go over HUGE!


A new offering will be available coming this Friday, March 17th, 2006.  Check out the For Sale section to see more details.  Stay tuned for details on that one very soon.

So stay tuned and I will get some nice stuff going soon.


Jan 18, 2006

Finally got my email list up and working.  To subscribe and get the info on when things become available, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will se what you need.

That is pretty much it for this time around.  More info coming soon.  Stay tuned!

Jan 6, 2006


Well, things seem to be getting beck to normal around here.  Had a very bumpy Holiday Season. Too many things to list here, but things are starting to look good. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Great New Year. 

I am currently working on getting the next casting ready to offer, and it is looking good so far. It will be ready in about 3-4 weeks if all goes as planned.

Also, I am excited that the new Johnny Lightning "Karmann Ghia" is ready to order and will be shipping around Jan 20th I believe.  You cannot order it from me though, but you can get it from the guys at  They came to me for a design, and I whipped them up something special.  It will be offered in 2 colors, Black and Magenta with Tribal Flames.  You will also have the chance to get some White Lightning versions with white rims/white rubber tires.  The ONLY way they should be offered.


The 25th scale Dairy Delivery is almost finished as well.  You can get them right here in raw form to make your own customs!

Also, I am late in getting to this, but in the next 5-7 days, I will have a section below to join a mailing list to find out when the next goodies are going to be offered. 

So stay tuned and I will get some nice stuff going soon.


Nov 4, 2005

My local paper ran an article on me and my custom hobby.  Below are the links to the article.  It was pretty exciting.  AE Press picked up the story and ran it in multiple papers across the country much to my surprise.  I got emails form various friends that read it.  I never thought anyone outside my county would even know about it.  So that was a shock to wake up and read those emails.

I have been working on the master for the 25th Dairy Delivery to make a casting of it.  I have been customizing it to change it a bit so it is not the same as the standard Dairy Delivery.  It should be ready pretty soon.   Also a few other tricks up my sleeve coming also.   So stay tuned.


Oct 14, 2005

Back from Irvine CA.   It was a blast.  I went out from Oct 2 - 9th.  Did the whole tourist thing and had a few business meetings.  All went very well. 

The Custom Bash was on Thursday night Oct 6th after the dinner.  We got a separate room for it and had a blast.  We made Dairy Deliveries and had them Blister Packed on real printed cards.  You can get more info on this at

I had a great time at the Custom Contest as well.  I entered my Pomona entry one last time since it was a separate event from Pomona.  I won 1st place in Large Scale.  The great news is that my wife Marcia entered a few customs of here own.  Among the various things she made, there was a VW Drag Bus with trailer.  The bus had fenders from a low flow molded on and the trailer had the front of a Drag Bus molded to the front of it.  The trailer also opened up to reveal a surfboard.  It was decorated in surf style colors with a "Ron Jon Surf Shop" logo and flames on the roof.  She won 1st place in the Hot Class.  I was so pleased it brought a tear to my eye. So congrats to her.     Now she will be in PRO.

I will have all the pics of this event loaded up in the next day or so in the Events section on the left.


Updated Oct 10, 2005

Bash Was awesome and more details will be posted very soon.

 The Bash cars this year are limited to 100 pieces.  But we will be offering an online version in an alternate color limited to just 50 pieces right here!  That's right, you get a more limited number than the folks at the Bash!  How does that grab you?  These will be available right here for a limited time until sold out.   Just click on on Sale below to get yours.

For pics and happenings on the Custom Bash, check back here after Irvine next week, or you can go to to see more.

So that is all for now.  Thank you to all who got your own 2005 Nightstalker VW Drag Bus set.   Hope you are enjoying those.  And look here for more updates and promotions as they come.  And new one will be soon enough.



Updated Oct 1, 2005

Irvine Hotwheels Convention is almost here.  I will be leaving tonight to head out.  Lots of great stuff planned for this one.  Of course, the Custom Bash Party will be a happening thing again.  My staff helping me out is in full swing and they can't wait.  For that, the cars this year will be over the top.  New things in store for these, but you will have to wait and see.  For those people not able to go to the Convention and attend the Custom Bash, there is great news for you too.  You can still get your own exclusive car.  Stay tuned for that. 

      See you at Irvine!


It has been a busy year this year.  I feel like I have spent more time on an airplane than in my house.  I have a lot of things to cover so let's get to the great news first.  I finally got my new website finished.  I love the retro style theme.  To celebrate the new site, I offered 2 special Night Stalker "Website" VW Drag Buses in some original retro style oil can packaging.  There were 70 available and they are all SOLD OUT!  (Click the pic below for more pics)

VW Buses limited to 35 pieces, each individually numbered.



Hotwheels Custom Car Show, July 05 Pomona California

This was an awesome time.  We went out there to promote and have fun.  I entered a few things in the contest and also entered the Custom Build-off. 

Build-Off- We had 2 hrs to finish a custom VW Drag bus that Mattel provided.   It was kept a secret what the casting was.  Dremel and Tamiya helped to sponsor this event, and Dremel brought out the new Lithium-Ion battery powered Dremels for everyone to use for the event.  We put a serious strain on them, but when you have 2 hrs of serious custom work, we could have burned up an electric.  Half way through, it was announced that we would have to build this custom without paint since the paint ended up missing.  No problem.  It just meant more creativity.  In the end, I won the grand prize among a lot of great people.  The prize package was some Dremel parts, bits, and the new battery Dremel.  VERY COOL.  Also a prize package from Tamiya of some really nice model kits.  I was happy.  So kudos to Tamiya and Dremel for helping make this happen.  What the best part was, is that it kept us customizers busy for 2 hours with the building to help take our minds off of wondering if we might win anything in the show.  There was some fierce competition in there, so the anxiety was high that day with everyone.  Not to mention, it was nice to be able to take part in something like this with everyone, and get everyone together under one roof.  The entrants ranged from some of the best customizers there are, to younger folks who juts wanted to give it their first try in the name of fun.  And that was what it was all about.. It was a lot of fun.

Car Show-  One of the best ones I have been to.  I brought a few things out, and an old favorite of mine, the Large Scale Bye-Focal.   I won a few different classes. 

  • 1st place in Large Scale with my 18th Scale HotRod Hauler.

  • 2nd Place in Repaint with the "Aztec Gold" 59 Impala

  • 2nd Place in Diroama with the large scale Bye-Focal Display

The prizes were some billet aluminum etched medals- NICE, and some really nice Hotwheels prize packages.  They weren't stingy with the prizes either.  I had so much, I had to give some of it away since I couldn't carry it all.  I could have mailed it home, but you gotta give some away to take care of your guys.




Texas Regionals, June 2005, San Antonio, Tx.

This was the first one for these guys and I gotta tell ya, I am glad I went.  If you didn't go... DO IT.  Seriously.  To start with, they are the friendliest bunch of guys. I spent most of the time hangin' out with my sweetie friend Connie Basham.  She was responsible for all these pics.  Without her, my pics wouldn't be half as nice.  The dinner was also a great time.  The food was good, you got a VW Bus, (Never a bad thing) Of course I am partial to it since I designed it. But the best thing was the roasting of Amy Boylan.  The dinner was in honor of her.  Also to go with that theme.  They sold a Chevelle painted to resemble her full-size Chevelle.  Titled "the Last Tiki"  Amy Boylan and Ira Gilford were presented plaques that Rob Johnston and myself presented to them.

There was too much going on there to list them all here.  But one sight to see was the TH racing at midnight in the atrium.  What a site.  The custom contest went off really well.  I was happy to be able to help pass out some awards to those VERY deserving winners.  I made a "Thank You" VW Drag Bus to give away to those that won 1st place.  Also I sat in on the autograph sessions and really enjoyed that chance to meet with more people. And I made 3 prints to give away too.   It was a blast.  Autographs from left to right.. Myself, Amy Boylan, Ira Gilford, and Tom "Mongoose" Mcewen.




Irvine and beyond, new things coming up!

Irvine is right around the corner again.  And this one looks to be a blast.  I will be out there for a week.  I have some die-cast business to take care of, then there is a little time for the convention too.  So plenty of fun planned.  Speaking of that, the Custom Bash will be in full swing.  We have some great thingsgoing on with this one.   Funny thing, what started out as a small get-together with some of my customizer friends, Rickster, BaltimoreGothic, RViloria, and Rogue, turned into a full blown PARTY!  No problem though, the more the merrier and I love to meet new people.  Most of the people that come now don't customize, but it gives them a chance to meet those that do. And of course get a chance to just have a great time and relax.  We have a lot of things in store for this, and you can read all about it after Irvine here or on the Custom Bash website at

As usual, any convention coverage will be posted in my convention section.  But to get the feel about everything that goes on, you cannot beat the pics posted by Connie Basham on her site..   She has the nicest pics of the events, and is everywhere to capture ALL the action when it happens.  She is a huge help to me taking pics of my stuff. She is responsible for most of the pics on my site, and without her, they wouldn't look as good.  So please go to her site and check it out.  She really takes the time to do it right.   That is about all I have for a while until after Irvine.

Before I sign off, be sure to check out the brand new updated Gallery.  There are pics in there of almost everything I have ever built.  Including my full size cars. Enjoy!  See you when I get back!  Chris W   "NS"


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