Mexico City, Mexico HotWheels Convention - Dec 2008


From the window in the room

Saturday Night pics from the dinner, charity auction, and autographs.

The print I signed


Banners around the room at the dinner.

The only pic I have so far of the Sunday event signing autographs.

Customs awards

Mattel Lunch Box Display - 3rd Pro Spicy

Armored Troop - 1st Pro Wild

Almost all the pics above (the better ones) were taken by Connie Basham.

For a 1st time show in Mexico City, this show went off really good.  The turn-out was tremendous.

I flew down and got the red carpet treatment the whole time.  I was scheduled to sign autographs.  We have all seen how that works.  You do a few sessions meet some new people, and have a good time.  This didn't quit describe it.  It was like we were one of the Beatles.  Hard to believe, but that's about the only way to describe it.

I signed with Vince Mosley "V-man" and John Violette from Mattel.  People from all walks of life got in line, shook our hands, took pictures, and really gave us a warm greeting and welcomed us to their country.  The line never seemed to end.  The people never got tired of us, and I certainly didn't get tired of them.  When we took breaks, we had to leave the room to go eat.  We got followed and asked to sign autographs just walking around, or asked for pictures.  They really loved it, and I enjoyed it.

The food at the dinner was very good.  But of course, I love my food anyway. lol  After the dinner, we got up on stage at the signing table and got ready for the autographs session while they had the charity auction.  There were some nice stuff donated by Mattel, as well as various show cars in 1 off colors only available for this auction.  I donated a 1 of 2 Hot Wheels retro styled lunchbox custom with a VW Drag Bus inside.  The second one I entered into the customs contest.  Richard Zauceda, the show promoter, passed out appreciation awards that were like a glass or crystal.  Very nice.

  The Sunday event had downhill racing, a lottery Bingo style game, and spinner wheel game. There was also a customs contest that had various classes for adults and kids.  I always like that.  To go along with that, there were many vendors on hand selling a wide variety of die-cast related items.  Even some action figures, which I enjoy myself as well.   Had 2 autographs sessions  on Sunday, met a ton of great collectors down there, and all around REALLY had a great time.  At the end of the day, I actually placed for 2 awards in the customs contest.  I won 3rd place in Pro Spicy with the lunchbox display, and won 1st place Pro Wild  with the Armored Troop set.  After it was all over, we of course went out on the town and had some great Mexican cuisine.

For more pictures I invite you to go to www.conniebasham.com who always does incredible pictures for the events.