L.A. Hot Wheels Convention - Oct 2008

On Fri morning, we took a trip to Larry Woods Garage.  This was the first time I had been there, and it was very cool to see it all. I have a ton of favorite things we saw, but I will let the pics do the talking. I am sure there is a ton of things you all would like to see the most.  I ran into some great people there. Chris Haupt and Bryan Pope loved the doughnuts.


Here some cool cars outside the hotel.


A few pics of the Custom Bash.  This year the car was the Custom Dodge Van.


A few random pics.  Took a trip to MoonEyes to satisfy my Rat Fink cravings.  picked up a few things.  My son loves the large Rat Fink statue.  Then a few random pics of Sunset Blvd, Disney, Scoobys HotDogs, and a cool painted SmartCar. Until next time....