Here you will find various pics of works in progress.  Kind of a behind the scenes look at the custom before the paint or other details. A sneak peak into the world of how it went together or how it works.  Hope you enjoy them!







Monster Madness Set

A few in progress pics of my Oct 2007 Diorama Display.   They are made from resin and various kit parts to get what you see.

25th Scale Redline Boss Hoss


25th Scale Drag Bus

A inside look at the 25th scale VW Drag Bus.  I hate the look of the 18th Drag Bus, so I made my own at a more workable scale.


Harry Potter Anglia Pro-Street

When I first saw this casting in the Harry Potter track set, I knew I had to have it.  It is one of those that doesn't get much attention, but you can do a lot with it.  Hopefully I have the time to finish it.  Opening doors and removable front


25th Scale Redline T-4-2

There are only a few of the few 25th scale Redline cars I had to build from scratch.  But this one is the only one that I built entirely by hand.  No kit of this one existed to use or modify from.  It wasn't easy, but the result was very nice.  I was very happy with this one



25th Scale Resin Parts

These are some of the parts I use in my large scale Redlines.


1971 Chevelle



25th Scale Beach Bombs

The building process of the 25th scale Beach Bombes and some finished bodies



Bye Focal 25th scale Redline



Giger Drag Bus 2003





Superfine Turbine Casts

Casting a Superfine Turbine



"Shredded" VW Drag Bus



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