Here you will find various pics of custom projects I have built or added some custom touches too.  Whatever grabs me, I will do.  Hope you enjoy them!


Miniature Diecast BMX Bikes

These mini diecast bikes were made by Flicktrix and were repainted and new decals added to make the more popular styles of these bikes.

Mini Hutch Trick Star

Mini GT Pro-Performers

Mini Redline RL-22


Restored 80's BMX Bikes

I collect and restore BMX bikes.  It's a fun hobby and kids get to enjoy the final products.  These were all rusted frames when they started.  I stripped the paint, added the stickers and rebuilt the bikes to their 1980's showroom glory.

1986 MCS Styler

1987 Haro Freestyler

1983 Redline 600A


1986 GT Pro-Freestyle Tour

Redline Rl-22 Retro built off a Redline FS880 frame

Hutch Windstyler

GT Pro Performer

Haro Freestlyer Retro

GT Pro Performer - Chris Haupts Bike I painted


Star Wars Death Star

This was something I built for my 2 sons during Christmas 2007 for their 3 3/4" Star Wars figures.  They are Star Wars nuts and have almost everything.  But they don't have a Death Star.  So I built them one they can use for a play-set.  The bottom pic shows in in scale relation to the rest of their ships and vehicles.

It was built from styrene plastic sheets and beams.  I found various background scenes, walls, and computer control pics around the net to complete it.  It has 2 levels with 4 rooms on each level both front and back.  I tried to build it with a little bit of continuity in regards to the detention block and trash compactor area for their play value.  They love it.   It was as much fun for me to build as it was for them to play with it.  I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I loved making it.  :)


Star Wars Ships

Along with die-cast cars, one of my greatest loves is anime & Sci-Fi subjects.  I build and collect many different things.  Here are a few of my favorite Star Wars things


Fantasy Redline - Era Display

This is a Redline-Era Fantasy Display.  built on the same style as the Store Displays, but universal.  There was only one ever built.


1968 Redline Store Display

These were built starting in fall of 2004 until the summer of 2005.  I built 12 total.  10 of them were empty so you could put any cars in you like, and 2 of them had the restored versions of all the Store Display Redlines in them, just like it came originally back in 1968.


     Where the originals were made of cardboard and paper, these are made of wood and plastic.  the outer case is plywood finished off to be smooth and painted.  It is covered with a piece of custom bent plexi-glass for strength.  The insides are made of plastic to stand the test of time and display nicely.


Texas Regionals Plaques given to Amy Boylan and Ira Gilford

These were presented by myself and Rob Johnston to Amy Boylan and Ira Gilford.  I built these in the spring of 2005


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