There are too many pics here to put into any one category.  So I will just put a description where available, and just click on the thumbnails.  Enjoy.


18th Scale Deora II Prototype



The paper ran an article on me and my custom hobby.  Below are the links to the article.  It was pretty exciting.  AE Press picked up the story and ran it in multiple papers across the country much to my surprise.  I got emails from various friends that read it.  I never thought anyone outside my county would even know about it.  So that was a shock to wake up and read those emails.


A few pics of my stuff at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.  The bottom one was a portion of a  display Mattel set up for Elliot Handlers Birthday at Mattel.  I had 3 cars in that.   They are marked.



A few things displayed in my case at the RCX show, Anaheim Ca, 2006


This was at the Texas Regionals 2005 in San Antonio, Tx.  I am with Amy Boylan and Ira Gilford and the plaques that were presented to them by myself and the Texas Regionals.  Also shown is the line up for the autograph session.  Myself, Amy, Ira, and Tom "Mongoose".  I sat in on 2 of them and had a few prints to pass out.  The first one was a Redline 1968 Camaro.  I also gave out 2 different prints of the VW Drag  with different flamed jobs


My wife Marcia at the Chicago Nationals 2005 with her first win.  She entered custom display titled "No Fly Zone" and won 2nd place.


Just a few quick pics of one of the rooms in my basement.  Whenever I get bored I just down there and play.  Who needs a Playstation when you have your own arcade?  Current line up is- Championship Sprint, Double Dragon, Ninja Turtles, Tron, Gyruss, Donkey Kong, Invasion, ands Shadow Dancers

Also shown is what our hotel room looked like at the Chicago Nationals.  We brought out Championship Sprint and Gyruss for all to come in and play. It was a hit at the Custom Bash Party too.  Along with the Last Action Hero pinball game.


Just a few quick shots of some of the HWC guys enjoying themselves at the convention.  We brought a bar to the party and had a few guests sign it as well as the side of the Championship Sprint game.  Kind of a keep-sake.  Those were both owned by Chris Haupt, so he was excited we did that.  then of course, we also brought the "pocketbike" there and got a few spins in the hallway


A few candid shots at the Chicago Nationals 2005.  No, we are never serious.  It looks as if my youngest son, Jordan is going to climb the walls if he doesn't get more cars.  And they love autographs.


This was at the 2nd Annual Custom Car Show in Pomona, CA. 2005    First pic is myself, Rick Early "Rickster", and Vince Mosley "V-Man" with our winners medals.  Also, I entered the build-off and I am posing with friends Jimmy Chavez "Boxman", Jerry Chewnuing "Jerz garage", and the reps from Dremel.  Also a pic there with myself and Dave Chang "Kustom City"


A few pics of some of the swag I have in my basement displayed in my workshop.  Nothing really super rare or pricey, just some of my favorite things from over the years.


This is the Foose Hauler set on the day I presented it to Chip Foose down at Foose Designs.  I also made a case for it to go in, and had him sign a pic of it so I had something to remember it by.  It was a fun day by far.  very hot, but fun. We also got to see sneak peaks at the "Riddler Award" contender he was building.  "impressions" later went on to win the Riddler Award in 2005.  His 3rd one.


Some pics you are not likely to see very often.  It is a pic of a Sand Rail that was converted to resemble the off road Desert Spec-Ops buggy that is used by the Navy Seals, Special Forces, and Delta Force.  We painted it in Desert camo for the occasion.  Also a shot with us geared up and sitting in it. The last pic is me in full tactical gear sitting on side seat of an MH-6 "Littlebird".  that was fun.


One of my fav shots.  My son Dante (5 yrs old) X-mas 2003.  It was the Hotwheels Activity table and track set.  He was about as excited as a 6 yr old could get when you saw this under the tree.


 Pics from a trip we went on to Marquette Mich.  We went to KI Sawyer AFB, an old SAC base. (Strategic Air Command)  They have a B-52 Strato-Fortress on display as well as a few jets.  My son Dante loves to go there.  This was 2003.


My Scion xB 2005.  And a few pics of it with Rims. I plan to do more with it, but this is the way it looks now.  (It has since be painted twice.)


Marcia's Customs Entry - RonJon Surf Shop Drag Bus and Trailer.


Just a few pics of my workshop in the basement. The pics are little older and the stuff on the walls has been updated now to newer cars.