Here you will find various pics of large scale cars I have built over the years.  Just click to see a gallery.    Hope you enjoy them!





Bomber Dear

This was a large scale Street Rod that i detail painted into a rusted Rat Rod "Bomber Style".  I scratch-built a new interior with aluminum bomber style seats. Pics form Connie Basham



Chip Foose Hemisfear - Las Vegas 2010 Dinner Presentation

This was made as a special presentation piece for Chip Foose.  He built the Hemisfear in full size scale in black and carbon fiber, and then in green.  JL Full Throttle made the 64th and 18th scale Hemisfears only in green.  So i made the black version and presented it to Chip in Las Vegas at the dinner event in 2010.  He loved it.





Monster Madness


Ed Roth Collection of Custom Cars

Collection of some of Ed Roths custom cars.  Some were made by Revell in plastic kit form in the 60's.  But there were some very cool creations not made.  Some have been made by enthusiasts over the years, some have not.  The ones that were made never come with anything more than a few sparse parts and a body.  I took up the task of making the rest of the parts needed for each kit.  And since I love the old box art for many of the kits, I made faux boxes by Revell to go with them for display purpose.  It really fills out the collection.

Road Agent & Mysterion 

Both built box stock from Revell kits



Outlaw - Built from Revell kit


56 Ford Truck - Built from Revell kit



With custom Revell box I made for display.  Kit is from aftermarket company, no kit available.



Globe Hopper

 I scratch built the kit and added various kit parts to complete both versions.  Also made a custom model box for display. No kit available.




Body was originally by Hendrix Resins.  It was only body, hood, bubble, and ring.  I scratch built all the parts to complete it including a fake model kit box for display. No kit available.

Simple curbside kit, no engine.



Full detail kit.  Engine, chassis, etc.

Cartoon version of Orbitron.  This was fun to build.


The Orbitron was recently found in Juarez Mexico 2007.  So I built the weather and run-down version of that as seen in HotRod magazine.




Custom boxes for Roth kits, and various other resin kits yet to finish.




Dairy Delivery Custom Shop

Resin Body Dairy Delivery.  Metalflake House of Kolor with NightStalker logos.




Dune Buggy Replica - Finkster

I built a scale car to resemble my full sized dune buggy.  it was built with a display box as well with pics of my actual car on it.  Just for fun, Enjoy.




"Through the Years"

Custom Diorama I made for the Chicago Nationals 2008.  I made resin bodies of the Beach Bomb and Drag Bus celebrating Mattels 40yrs of Hot Wheels.  The base and track stands are made of styrene plastic.  I won 1st place in the Diorama Class.  I included a work in progress pic





VW Drag Bus First Edition - 25th Scale

A 25th scale VW Drag Bus.  Built to resemble the popular 64th scale Drag bus body & chassis.  Signed by Phil Riehlman.  This was built for the RCX show - Anaheim, May 2006


VW Drag Bus - Flying Customs 25th Scale Scale

25th scale VW Drag Bus.  Built for the Customs Contest 20th HotWheels Convention Anaheim, Orange County 2006  It won 2nd place Large Scale Class.



 1959 Chevy and COE Hauler

1959 Chevy 25th scale and Jada COE Hauler.  Hauler has a new grill and a rebuilt rear box.  With matching gas pump.



VW Hot Rod Hauler

This started life as a replica of the Foose Hauler that I built in 2004 for Chip Foose. (shown below in pink & silver)     I liked it so much I had to build another one in larger scale in summer 2005.  I built it almost identical except I added more detail, shortened the trailer, and only added one street rod to the trailer. 


It was built to enter in the 2005 Hotwheels Custom Car Contest in Pomona CA, Snake & Mongoose event.  It won 1st place Large Scale.  I then brought it out to the Oct 2005 Hotwheels Convention and entered it.  I won 1st place Large scale there as well.


This started out as an 18th scale VW Drag Bus.  I cut it in half and scratch built the rest of the back and the interior. Exhaust stacks were added to the sides, and the rear has light detail added with a license plate and hitch.  The interior has a drivers seat with all the usual necessities. Behind the driver is 2 more seats. There is a faux hardtop sunroof added.  The rear of the cab is where the engine and fuel cells are.  Engine was detailed and braided hose added.   In front of the engine inside the moving doors is a boomin' sound system.  The car on the trailer is based off the Boyd Smoothster that I used on the 64th Foose Hauler, but this one is a delivery type. It was added mostly just for extra cargo for the trailer.   Under the cab and trailer I added bolt detail, along with oil-pan, differential, and a few other details.  Jada Dubs wheels were added to round out the whole package.   Everything was painted with House of Kolor Orion Silver base, and Kandy Tangerine with matching graphics.  I really like this one.  Overall it is just over 2 feet long



2003 Tiki Party Bus - 18th Scale

18th Scale Tiki Bus 1 of 1.    Replica of the the first Tiki VW Bus made for Amy's Tiki Party.  This was sold at the 18th Irvine, HotWheels Convention Charity Auction, Oct 2003.  Will there be another?  Not in this color!



Beach Bombed

Built in summer 2005, this one started off as an improbable idea.  After building the 18th Hotrod Hauler, I had a left over engine from the 18th Scale Drag Bus.  It is pretty decent and I thought it might look pretty good in one of my large scale Beach Bombs.  Maybe give it that Muscle Machine meets the Redlines look.  It could happen.

I built the body just as I would the normal way, but I scratch built a chassis that would accept it sitting on the ground, or close to it.  I added a bit more detail in the interior than we are used to seeing in a Beach Bomb. And inserted the engine right in the middle with a few cell.  Added a few braided wires and we were set.  I finished it off with the wheels from the Legends Twin Mill, some custom graphics and added the exhaust tips in the rear from the 18th VW Bus.



1971 Chevelle - 25th scale

This was built from die-cast body along with many plastic parts to get the most detail, and still keep an all metal opening body, for a casting that is hard to get. Now on display at Mattel.  Built June 2003



Meyers Manx

This was built in summer 2005, as a replica to Amy Boylan's Meyers Manx.  It started as a Franklin Mint Meyers Manx.  These things come with so much detail, it really helped in the building process.  The body is actually real fiberglass.  Shown below is the actual Manx.


Dairy Delivery

Built in summer 2005, this started as a Testors Resin kit.  It comes as a basic body.  I added the paint from House of Kolor and an aluminum chassis.  Wheels are off the 25th scale HW's Anglia.



Tiki - Mercs 2004

Replicas of the the second Tiki Cars made for Irvine Oct 2003. They were the Merc-Woody "Crew Cars". The 3 colors were made to replicate the 3 colors made in 1/64th scale   The Orange Tiki one was sold at the 4th Nationals in Dallas TX, April  2004 . Charity Auction, April 2004.  The Lime and Pink ones went to Mattel.



Emoola Firebird FunnyCar

This was a commission job by a Mattel Design employee.  I made 3 Emoola Firebirds based on the same Funny car driven by Bruce Sarver.  Two in 25th scale (top) and one in 18th scale (middle).  They turned out very nice I think.

One of the  25th scale cars you can see the signature from Bruce.  I was able to add graphics and paint to it without losing the signature.



Hot Lava 2004 - LWWT

This was for the HWC Larry Wood World Tour Custom Contest.  It was built from the 18th scale Hotwheels Scrape.  I stripped and sanded the casting and painted it a basecoat of House of Kolor yellow, then faded orange and pink into it to give it more flow. It was pearled and cleared. The interior was cut and modified to accept a custom built surfboard that can be accessed and removed through the trunk.
Extra custom scale details added were 2 Nitrous Express bottles, 3 subwoofer speakers on the trunk floor, 2 amplifiers on each side of the trunk wall, a Playstation controller, plasma screen TV monitors in the trunk and dashboard, and a pair of speakers for the doors. It was finished off with scale carpeting and custom upholstery on the seats and door panels consisting of orange and grey. The car was lowered 2 scale inches and new rims were added for more pizzazz!
The surfboard was also custom painted to match the car.
  Built  June 2004.




Sunburst Passion Merc

This was built from the 25th scale Hotwheels Merc.  It looked so much sweeter with the original style Redline wheel on it.  It is in a custom large scale replica Flying Colors RLC package  It was displayed at the 3rd Hotwheels Nationals in Cinci, Ohio April 03.  Built  Mar 2003.



















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