At this time, I only have the "How-To" on how to rust.  I don't mind sharing my techniques to anyone who asks, I am just usually so busy to slow down and take pics of the processes I use.  None of them are big secrets that nobody else is doing, and almost anything I do can be found on the web somewhere.  But I will add more as i do them and time allows.


How To Rust

A little tutorial on how to do rusting that I showed in Atlanta.  It's not the only way to do it, but a quick way I found that works for me.  If you get inspired enough to try it,. send me some pics.  I would love to see your work.,  :)


I start with a regular car.  This is painted, cleared, with decals on it.


To get started, I use these 3 colors of Testors model paints.  Also I use two sizes of brushes.  No real particular size, anything small or a medium will do since we are just dabbing on paints.


I start with black.  I dab it on in some of the various places I want the rust to be.  No real pattern.  Just spots, streaks, whatever you think looks good.  I use the larger brush for this.


More various spots around the car.



Then for the 2nd paint step, I mix a dark orange.  usually I do about 3/4 red and 1/4 yellow to get what I am looking for.



I use the larger brush for this.  Anywhere you have the black, go over that with the orange.  Don't cover the black up, just light splotches and streaks over it as shown.  I do a dabbing motion to get in on there.



An example with how I get it to look when it is done.




3rd painting step I mix a lighter orange.  This time reverse the mix of the colors.  3/4 yellow, and 1/4 orange.



For this step I use the smaller brush and go over the 2nd orange step we just did.  Again not cover it up, just dabbing and splotching it in places to add the lighter yellow highlights.






The next step is the Rustall.  You can buy this at hobby stores in your area or online.  I make my own as well from alcohol, and earth-tone colored chalk-dust.


Just pour it into any container you have handy.  I used a spray can lid.


Using the widest brush I had, about an inch wide.  Dip it in and soak that brush.


Now go over the whole casting with it.  Don't be afraid to get that thing covered with this stuff.  It will run off and drip onto your table.  That's ok.  Just do it while your wife is gone or your dead-meat!  It does clean up with soap and water though.





Once it has dried, it takes about 20 mins.  you want to go over it with a flat-clear.  There are two ways to do this.  If you are using spray cans, Testors sells a Model master brand at hobby stores that has a flat clear.  Or you can get flat or satin clear at Walmarts as well.

If you use an airbrush, you can by a paint additive called Valspar FX-01  You mix it 1:1 with your clear coat.


Half a jar of clear coat.


FX-01 added.  Make sure you stir it up really good.  It will come out cloudy.


Just clear as normal and it will dry flat like shown below.  Enjoy!







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