I originally started off and got most of my experience building full-sized cars.  From mini-trucks to compact cars and muscle cars. Building cars is a passion. Here you will find various pics of full size cars I have worked on.  Cars I have built over the years.  Just click to see them bigger.    Hope you enjoy them!



1962 VW DuneBuggy

My 1962 VW Dune Buggy.  Bought itas a basket case.  I had to rebuild the frame, new tranny, engine detail, straightened the body, and painted it Roth pink metal-flake.  Added new wheels, interior.  painted the dash and pinstriped the body.    For more pics or info on this build, click here >>>>  1962 VW DuneBuggy  and finished pics > HERE.


Custom Painted Jet Skis


I custom painted and airprushed Chris Haupts Seadoo.


My Seadoo Xp800.  I custom painted flames and hand painted the tiki characters.

My Seadoo custom painted with Rat Fink decos.  This was my fav.



Nissan Sentra SE-R

My 1993 Nissan Sentra SE-R.  I custom painted this with extreme graphics.  It took 17hrs to lay down these graphics.  For more pics and info, click here >>>>>>    Nissan Sentra SE-R


Scion Xb

My 2005 Scion Xb.  Bought it silver.  Painted the top HOK Pearl Orange, then recently repainted it Eleanor Mustang Silver with Purple Pearl Top with Japan bb emblems and grill.


1967 Mustang

My newest project. 1967 Mustang.  This one is currently under construction




Mean Green Dune Buggy


Chris Haupts Dune Buggy - I custom painted it HOK Lime Time Pearl and Metalflake silver stripe.



Dodge Neon

This was Chris Haupts.  Added a body kit, wheels, wing, trunk and interior upholstery, and engine details.      It has full paint with airbrushed details. 



Mazda MiniTruck


This was an interesting one to work on. A friend says he wants to make a tandem mini-truck, add another axle to the back and extend the bed. I have already built 2 of them so I figured why not, it will be fun. Not the easiest thing to do, but I love a challenge when it comes to customizing something.  So we bought a junked Mazda truck with a good bed and frame and cut it in half behind the cab.  Spliced the frame together along with some extra framework. Added a 3 link and a pan-hard bar and we were set.  He painted it rat-rod style.  Different for a mini-truck that's for sure.


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