Pics of various 64th scale custom cars through-out the years.  These are all one-off customs or 1 of 2 in some cases..    So take a trip down memory lane and look at the many custom creations I have made through the years. Enjoy.



Custom Convoy Military Themed Set


Schwinn Stingray 55 Panels

One off custom Schwinn Stingray Panels made in each of the popular Stingray models made.  Also a few custom versions created too.

Gold graphic and silver graphics version.



Magenta Flamed Bus

One of the first commissioned Buses I painted.


Custom Tangelo Drag Truck


Classic Style Drag Truck


Lucky lady Drag Bus 1 of 2


Mini Redline Track Set

This idea came to me after seeing all the Micro-HWs Redline car key-chains and mini-blister packs.  I thought it would be pretty cool to make some mini redline track sets, a carry case, and even the boxes.  To make it look like Christmas morning with the track set up with cars on it complete with Supercharger, Speedometer, a carry case with cars in it, and the packaging. The whole track assembled is under 20" long.  The cars are only an inch.  A few pics have the larger items to show comparison in size.


Snake & Mongoose Dreamliners

I am a huge vintage drag racing fan.  So I built some of these Snake & Mongoose Dreamliners in various paint versions.


OCC Bus Sets

This set was made for the 4th Annual Hotwheels Nationals in Dallas, TX.

It was made to replicate an OCC "Orange County Choppers VW Drag Bus and Blastlane Bike set.  The display, packaging, cars, and graphics were all created by me.



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