A new twist on an old design. 25th Scale Redline Customs exclusively from Night Stalker Customs.  These are built entirely from plastic and resin.  The wheels are one-off designs hand formed and cast to resemble the miniature Hotwheels redline wheels from 1968-1972.   So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!  Click on pics to view details.

2007 25th Scale Redlines

Beach Bomb Magenta.

The last Beach Bomb with original looking base.  The mold for the base is no more.

S'cool Bus


2006 25th Scale Redlines



2005 25th Scale Redlines

2005 has been a slower year for the 25th scale cars.  I have a couple more in works and just a few finished.  The Beach Bombs are pretty much finished after this year.  The mold for the base broke, and I have one left to build for myself.  I could have just make another base and molded it, but I wanted to keep the integrity of the ones that are out there.  I wanted to keeps it special to those that own them knowing they are limited in number and not just saturate the market with them.  I will make pro-street and custom versions here and there. like the one I brought out to Pomona in July '05.   So here are the few I have out there now.

Beach Bomb



Sand Crab - orange w/ blue canopy


Silhouette - green


Sand Crab - Hot Pink


Beach Bomb - yellow



2004 25th Scale Redlines


Beach Bomb - purple


Deora - purple w/ light interior


Beach Bomb- Apple Green


Beach Bomb - Orange


Beach Bomb - Blue


Silhouette - Purple


Heavy Chevy - Green


Boss Hoss - purple


Sand Crab - Orange w/ smoked canopy


Heavy Chevy - Purple


King Kuda


18th Irvine HotWheels Convention - 25th Scale Redline display piece.  1st Place Winner Diorama Class

The round base was made to replicate the metal buttons that were given away with the Redlines and rotates operated by a switch in the back.  The spotlights are blue high intensity LEDs that are also operated by a switch in the rear. 


4th Dallas HotWheels Nationals 25th Scale Redline display piece.  1st Place Winner Diorama Class


2003 25th Scale Redlines


Heavy Chevy

This is the first car built.  It is also the only one to have the name in black on the base.  (Not shown)  The pics do not show it yet.  Was built Jan 2003


Beach Bomb- AntiFreeze

This was the first original, not a mold.  It was the first prototype for the mold.  It was painted in a custom mix, anti-freeze lime, reminiscent of the original colors.  This was displayed at the 17th Hotwheels Convention Irvine, CA Oct 2003.  Built Aug 2003.


Beach Bomb- Pink





17th Irvine Beach Bomb

This was built as a replica of the Side Loader Beach Bomb from the 17th Irvine Convention.  The top was not cut open, but instead made to resemble the original RLBB smaller sunroof.  Also note, the absence of side windows like the original Mattel counterpart.  Complete with hot pink paint and 17th Convention decals.  Displayed at the 17th Hotwheels Convention, Irvine, Ca. Oct 2003.   Built Sept 2003.




Beach Bomb in Large BP

This was custom built for someone special.  It was painted with a custom mix of purple with blue pearl.  It was also put on a custom large replica Redline blister-card, like the originals.  It was displayed at the 17th Hotwheels Convention, Irvine, CA. Oct 2003.  Built Sept 2003



Sky Show Deora


Custom Volkswagen

The Demon


Olds 442

Deora w/ Black Interior


17th Irvine HotWheels Convention 25th Scale Redline display piece.  

1st Place Winner Diorama Class

This was built with 5 cars to resemble what an original "style" display could have looked like.      It won 1st Place in the Diorama class and turned many heads. 



3rd Nationals Cincy, OH   Light My Firebird  2nd Place Winner


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