Vinylmations are 3" Disney Vinyl Figures shaped similar to Mickey Mouse with a wide variety of characters offered in various graphic styles. After doing some of these for a party for some Disney Employees, I really started to enjoy seeing what more I could do with them. I made a few based off of some of my favorite characters over the years. many more to come. I hope you enjoy them.



Hulk Hogan

One of my favorite wrestlers. And being a huige Hulk Hogan fan, this was a fun one to do. There will be more versions of this one.



This was based off the comic version of Superman.


Captain America

Based one a cross between the modern movie and the comic character version.


South Park

The shape of the South park characters fit well with these. So this one was a natural.



Ghostbuster's Slimer

This was a commissioned piece. All the details were exactly as the customer wanted them.



Hello Kitty

After seeing this everywhere in Japan, it was too cute not too





This was an old Japanese Robot cartoon I watched as a kid, and still collect the figures and toys whenever I go to Japan. I added all the details to make it right.


GI Joe - Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow

The two best characters and action figures form the cartoon and toy line. These two were created to resemble the original figure style. I included an acrylic case that featured the packaging artwork form the original action figures, and their file cards.




Calvin and Hobbes

These were some of the funniest comic character in the comic strips. I looked forward to each morning paper for these guys. So it was a natural to make this pair.



Rat Fink v.2

This was my second Rat Fink. I changed the eyes a bit.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

These were characters i literally grew up with and will forever be connected to me for life. All 4 characters were created with matching weapons and an acrylic case.




Batman & Robin

These were created after the 1966 TV show style Batman and Robin figures. I always loved the look of these guys. Also came with an acrylic case.



Storm Shadow

This was based off one of my favorite toys growing up. GI Joe. My fav figure was Storm Shadow. So I designed this one off the original figure for the graphics and details This was the first one that came with a sword and with a display case that featured the original style packaging artwork.


Rat Fink

This was one of the first ones I made. I gave the first one to a good friend. He and his wife both collect Vinylmations, and I thought they would like the first one.