5th Nationals Chicago 2005

Nationals were a great time. We got the VIP Suite and proved to be very useful for the Custom Bash Party was held on Thursday night.  Plenty of room.  Only downfall was nobody else was near us on our floor, so less traffic.  And too many people complaining about the noise. Oh well, such is life. lol

 1st stop on the NS World Tour was a success and all the cars sold out in a matter of minutes the first morning.


Night Stalker World Tour Bus ~ Chicago


Here are some pics of the Custom Bash


Some random pics ~

Design challenge cars in the crusher room.


Mia's Pit Stop.  This was too cute not to take a pic.  Used with permission from her parents of course.  She had a little cash register and a microphone she could talk to you with.  Very cool idea.  :)


Dinner cars made in larger scale for Alec & Paul Tam.


Custom Contest pics


My display and standing with the trophy.  Won first place Diorama.


A few pics from the Finale event.