Here are some of the various awards won through the years at the many die-cast events around the world. 66 Awards total.  As long as I have been doing it, it is still very rewarding to be recognized for my work and create something that people enjoy to see.  Thank you.


GALLERYLos Angeles Convention.

25th Scale '55 Gasser Candy Striper - Peoples Choice


GALLERYPittsburgh Nationals.

Redline Heavyweight Team Trailer - 1st Place Large Scale


GALLERYLos Angeles Convention. I entered Large Scale Competition with 2 Redline Heavyweights.  The Heavyweight Team Trailer, and Racer Rig.

Redline Heavyweight Duo.- 1st Place Large Scale


GALLERY  Kentucky Nationals.

25th Scale Heavy Chevy - 1st Place Large Scale


GALLERY Los Angeles Convention.  I built a Transformers replica toy box set complete with instructions. 

Transformers Set - 2nd Place Diorama


GALLERY  Chicago Nationals.  I only entered one thing, my clear pink and black Drag Dairy.

Clear Pink Drag Dairy - 1st place Pro Hot


  GALLERY  Didn't enter competition


GALLERY  Magical Weekend of Cars 2.    I Brought a few things.  Won 1st place in the Elite class again and secured enough points for the Customizer of the Year for Las Vegas 2013.  


Mongoose Dragster - 1st place Elite Class

Boss Hoss 25th scale Redline - 2nd place Large Scale -

Superman VW Bus - 1st place Pro Mild -

Customizer of the Year


GALLERY Nashville Tenn Music Nationals.  I brought a nice variety with me.  I won 1st place in every class.  That was a nice goal to achieve that I always wanted to do, since I had one in each class at one time or another. I believe I am the only customizer to win 1st in every class at one show.  Not 100% sure.

Mongoose 64th Dragster-1st place  Pro Wild 

Boss Hoss Mustang - 1st place Large Scale

Mac Toole Box - 1st place Diorama

Snake Dragster - 1st place Elite Class

Mac Toole Box - Peoples Choice


GALLERY Las Vegas Superconvention.  Won a few awards.  Here is what I got..

Black & Pink Bus - 1st Place Pro Mild
Mongoose Dragster - 1st Place Pro Spicy
Altered Reality - 3rd place Pro Sets
Bomber Dear - 1st Place Large Scale
Tron World - 2nd Place Diorama


GALLERY   LA HotWheels Convention  I entered a couple things, one of my favorites for this show was the Blown Delivery with hot pink spectraflame paint.

Blown Delivery - Honorable Mention


GALLERY  Nashville Collectors Experience

Long Cold Winter - 3rd Place Pro Mild

Road Warrior Interceptor - 3rd Place Pro Spicy


GALLERY Las Vegas SuperConvention

Dreamliner - 2nd Place Pro Wild

Datsun 510 - 3rd Place Pro Wild

Bomber Bucket - 3rd Place large Scale

Super Charger Set - 1st Place Diorama

Tron World - 2nd Place Diorama




GALLERY   LA HotWheels Convention   I entered some various Mad Max themed custom cars.  This was 64th scale. class 

Mad Max Interceptors - 2nd Place Pro Spicy

 MadMax / Road Warrior Display - 1st Place Diorama


GALLERY Orlando Magical Weekend of Cars.  I entered the modified Dreamliner.  This was 64th scale. class 

Dreamliner - 2nd Place Pro Wild

 Dreamliner - Best Engine



Las Vegas, NV. 1st Annual  Diecast Superconvention. Modified Dreamliner.  This was 64th scale. class 

Dreamliner - 2nd Place Pro Wild


GALLERY Mexico City Hotwheels Convention. I kept with my Moon Eyes theme for this show.  I really enjoyed doing these. These were 64th scale. class 

Moon Drag Buses - 2nd Place Pro Mild


GALLERY Los Angeles Convention. I didn't go too wild this year.  Kept them mostly basic and paint detail.  All the builds were 64th scale. classes. 

Deco Overhauled - 1st Place Pro Mild

Four Play - 2nd Place Pro Spicy


GALLERY Reston Nationals. After doing an overhaul on the Razorback hauler, it was then dubbed Monster Factory and entered in Reston.  It won 1st and best Engine..  All the builds were 64th scale. classes. 

Monster Factory hauler - 1st Place Pro HOT

Monster Factory hauler - Best Engine


GALLERY  Las Vegas, NV. 1st Annual  Diecast Superconvention.  I entered a few different cars.  All the builds were 64th scale. classes. 

Razor Back hauler - 3rd Place Pro Wild

Four-Play - 1st Place Pro Spicy


GALLERY  Mexico City, Mexico 1st Annual HotWheels Collectors Exhibition Show.  I only brought down a couple things for this one.  All the builds were 64th scale. classes. 

Armored Troop set - 1st Place Pro Wild

Mattel Heavyweights Lunch Box - 3rd Place Pro Spicy




GALLERY Osaka Japan, HotWheels Custom car Show.  I wanted to go in another direction than I usually do again.  I built many entries in the 64th scale classes. 

Armored Troop set - 1st Place WILD

Forgotten Heroes - 1st Place MILD




GALLERY Chicago, IL. 8th HotWheels Nationals.  This year was the 40th Anniversary for Hot Wheels, so I wanted to build up something special.  I built a large scale diorama using 2 of my the castings I thought were the coolest.  Titled "Through the Years.  I built them cartoon styled with the large wheels. Diorama/Display.  I won 1st place.



GALLERY Anaheim, Orange County, CA. 21st HotWheels Convention.  This year I only entered one class.  Diorama/Display.  I won 2nd place.





GALLERY  Anaheim, Orange County, CA. 20th HotWheels Convention.  This year I entered multiple classes.  I won 3 trophies.


1st Place pro Mild - NS Fuels Rocket Oil.

1st Place Diorama - The Bomb

2nd place Large Scale - "Flying Customs" 25th Scale Drag Bus










GALLERY  Irvine CA, 19th Hotwheels Convention.  I entered the 18th Scale HotRod Hauler in the large scale.  I won 1st place Large Scale 



GALLERY   2nd Annual Hotwheels Custom Car Show, Pomona CA.    I entered a few various things.  There was a 2hr Custom Build-Off sponsored by Tamiya and Dremel.  You had to build a car with no paint, using ONLY the parts they provided.  I won this and brought home a great prize package of some model kits and a Dremel kit thanks to Dremel and Tamiya.  I also entered 3 categories..  In Large Scale, I entered a "Hotrod Hauler" set based on the same concept as the "Foose Hauler".  In repaint, I entered a 1959 Chevy Impala "Aztec Gold" painted low-rider style.  And finally I re-entered the Bye-Focal Display in the Diorama Category.

Build-Off Winner

Large Scale - "Hotrod Hauler" 1st place

Repaint - "Aztec Gold" 2nd place

Diorama - "Bye-Focal Display" 2nd place





GALLERY  18th Hotwheels Convention, Irvine CA.  I made a large scale Bye-Focal and had it sitting on a display designed to be like something you would see for a full size car at a SEMA or Autorama type show.  Has a rotating "button" base and blue LEDs.  It was entered in the Diorama Category.  I won 1st place.

This was also celebrating the 35yrs anniv of Larry Wood working with Mattel.  There was a LWWT Custom Contest where you had to build one of Larrys creations.  I entered the 18th scale SCRAPE titled "Hot Lava".  I added various interior details including a custom surf board and full custom paint.      I won 2nd place in Large Scale.

  I also entered a 1/64th scale "Foose Hauler" set.  It consisted of a VW Bus based hauler and trailer with 2 street rods on it.  Now in the collection of Chip Foose.  I entered it in the Hot category.  I won 1st place.




GALLERY  4th Hotwheels Nationals, Dallas TX.  I made a large scale Redline Display using a stand and 2 gallon cans with the cars inside at angle.  The cars were a heavy Chevy and a Silhouette.  This was entered in the Diorama Category  I won 1st place.




GALLERY  17th Hotwheels Convention, Irvine CA.  I entered a 5-car pyramid Redline Display in the Diorama Category.  It had large scale redline replicas of the Custom Volkswagen, Deora, Olds 442, Silhouette, and the Demon. This was entered in the Diorama Category.     I won 1st place.  




GALLERY  3rd Hotwheels Nationals in Cinci, OH.  This was the first event for me.   I entered the large scale with a Redline replica "Light My Firebird." It was in a replica large style Blister Pack.  I entered the Diorama Category.  

   I won 2nd place.


































































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